We’ve moved!

To accommodate you better, we have moved to www.ribbonistas.com
Our new website has an online store that will allow you to purchase directly from the website without having to go through Etsy. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you but hope you see the ease and benefits the new website has to offer.


Bear with me

I am in the process of moving our website to a self-hosted website to accommodate allowing you to purchase our products without having to visit the Etsy store. On the new website, you will be able to purchase directly from our website. I am making great progress and I hope to have it up and running by the end of next week. You will definitely think it was worth the wait!

Fair coming to a close

It is hard to believe the fair is coming to a close. The week has been much slower in volume compared to last weekend but we’ve taken that opportunity to get to know the other vendors better. Our neighbors down the aisle from us are selling their home-made baby wraps. They are super cute and the babies love them. Tobbles is the name of their business and they are just starting out like we are. I linked to their website on the right hand side of our page. Check them out!

We are expecting much larger crowds tonight and tomorrow. The entertainment tonight is Mark Chesnutt. I’m hoping to catch a song or two myself.

Don’t forget to check out our new friends at Tobbles! 🙂


We have had lots of requests for online purchases. Bear with me as I am working as fast as I can to post everything to our Etsy storefront. To find us on Etsy, go here:

If you see something on the website that you don’t see on Etsy yet, please send us an email and let us know what you need. Our email address is:

Everything you see on the website is currently in stock, but may not be up on Etsy yet. I’m working as fast as I can 🙂

Last night we worked on increasing our inventory. Our larger hair bow display now looks like this:

It is quickly taking over the table! Stop by and say hi if you’re out at the fair tonight!

Day 2 and 3 of the Fair

Saturday was day 2 of the Fair. We are so proud to see people so interested in the hard work we’ve put into creating our hair bows! It has been a rewarding experience and we have a running list of things to do as a result (no complaints there!).

Sunday marked day 3. It was quite a bit slower than Friday and Saturday but we utilized the time to make more bows and get to know our fellow vendors better. There is a booth behind us for a democratic candidate who wants to impeach Obama for eliminating NASA. On the surface it sounds great, until they open their mouths! Their platform promotes keeping NASA so we can inhabit Mars like we are intended to in order to work on the moon and mine for Helium 3. WOW! I’ll leave it at that. To make it more entertaining, one of the guys wore a homemade NASA uniform. If he wears it again, I’ll be sure to take a picture and post! I also missed out on taking a picture of the ultimate mullet. It was past the shoulders and stick-your-finger-in-a-socket frizzy!

My goals for today included going to the craft store for more supplies (check!), update the blog (check!), and work like crazy on our Etsy storefront. Oh yeah, and enjoy the gorgeous weather we’re having (double check!).

Have a fabulous day and stop by our booth if you find yourself out at the fair!

Day 1 of the Fort Bend County Fair behind us!

I have so many pictures I need to post and so little time! Yesterday was the first day of the fair and it was so much fun! We got there (like almost all the other vendors) 30 minutes prior to when vendors were allowed in, hoping they would open up early for us so we could all finish setting up. 10 minutes after the actual open time, all the vendors were still lined up outside the building. I called and nobody knew we couldn’t get in yet. So with only 15 minutes to spare before opening to the public, we rushed to get our product set up. This is what the main table looks like:

I was surprised how fast the day went! We made lots of sales, took some requests, and talked to a lot of nice people. I’m excited to see what today holds for us! Off to my home away from home for the next week 🙂

New Creations

I’ve made three new bow ties and this should be the last of the new batch for a while. I need to focus on snap clips after these are done. The fair starts next week and I’m anxious to see what that new experience is like. The other goal for the end of the week is to set up a mock table so I know if we have enough decorations and ways to display our bows. I’ll try to post pictures of that once I have it set up. Now to the new bows!

I call this new bow tie Monkey Around. I need to put it on my cute little model and post another picture of him wearing it. I think it could be a good unisex bow but it would definitely look super cute on a little boy.

I call this bow Birthday Bash. It would be perfect for birthday pictures, or party or even as a favor to pass out at a birthday party.

This one is Somewhere over the Rainbow. It is a small bow tie where the other two are large bow ties. This one will be available as a set or as a single bow.

That’s all folks! Now back to the bow making 🙂

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